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      美國教育之死 [美國媒體]

      The Death Of Education In America


      正文翻譯原創翻譯:龍騰網 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻譯:czf0829


      Trump! Mueller! Collusion!


      I know: who cares about the education of our kids as the redacted Mueller Report dominates the airwaves on CNN, MSNBC, and similar cable “news” networks?


      Nowadays, education in America is about training for a vocation, at least for some. It’s about learning for the sake of earning, i.e. developing so-called marketable skills that end (one hopes) in a respectable paycheck. At Penn College, I was encouraged to meet my students “at their point of need.” I was told they were my “customers” and I was their “provider.” Education, in sum, was transactional rather than transformational. Keep students in class (and paying tuition) and pray you can inspire them to see that the humanities are something more than “filler” to their schedules — and their lives.


      As a college professor, I was lucky. I taught five classes a semester (a typical teaching load at community colleges), often in two or three subjects. Class sizes averaged 25-30 students, so I got to know some of my students; I had the equivalent of tenure, with good pay and decent benefits, unlike the adjunct professors of today who suffer from low pay and few if any benefits. I liked my students and tried to challenge and inspire them to the best of my ability.


      All this is a preface to Belle Chesler’s stunning article at TomDispatch.com, “Making American Schools Less Great Again: A Lesson in Educational Nihilism on a Grand Scale.” A high school visual arts teacher, Chesler writes from the heart about the chronic underfunding of education and how it is constricting democracy in America. Here she talks about the frustrations of classes that are simply too big to teach:


      [Class sizes grew so large] I couldn’t remember my students’ names, was unable to keep up with the usual grading and assessments we’re supposed to do, and was overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Worst of all, I was unable to provide the emotional support I normally try to give my students. I couldn’t listen because there wasn’t time.


      The truth of the matter is that a society that refuses to adequately invest in the education of its children is refusing to invest in the future. Think of it as nihilism on a grand scale.


      Perhaps Trump does have some relevance to this article after all: “I love the poorly educated,” sayeth Trump. Who says Trump always lies?

      也許特朗普確實與這篇文章有一些關聯:“我愛受教育程度低的人,”特朗普說。誰說特朗普總是撒謊?評論翻譯原創翻譯:龍騰網 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻譯:czf0829 轉載請注明出

      The real problem these days is entitled lard *** teachers, doling out busy work to kids so they can get back to Facebook or Pinterest on their ******* phone. Teachers are an abhorrent waste of money and benefits these days, and I swear I've heard them bitch about how hard their jobs are and how they work so many hours, for ***** sake.


      It's quite the opposite, we vastly *overvalue* education, or at least what passes for such in our public schools.


      We have a corrupt political system. They make laws that kill the middle class.


      You know, what they did to President Trump should have angered you to the point of impeaching those that would foist such FILTH on the nation as a whole. Your KIDS, your spouses. You had to live with a sick media repeating this filth like a mantra for two or more years and you had to PAY for that. 


      Aren't there people paid to oversee the debacle in education? Or do they just hand it all off to a lawyer?


      The overseers are the ones creating the mess.


      Defund the Dept of Education.


      When the American Library Association hosts a screed against 'whiteness' by an MIT Librarian that is straight out of 1930s NAZI Germany, you know something has gone horribly, horribly wrong in our educational system all the way to the top.


      MIT has some strange agendas. They could use some new top leadership, but the risk is that the new people would be even worse than the current ones.


      Can you imagine if there was a just a teaching principal and a part time secretary in the school that you suggest?In my local public sty there are 155 administrators that never teach. 


      I had an accountant run the numbers on reopening an abandoned public school after I had put them together.I could have hired the best non tenured college instructors with degrees up the wazoo at double their current pay and benefits that were far better than what they had.I needed 200 kids versus the 350 that were there before.All of the HVAC and the roof and the building would be paid off in less than five years. The profit would be 75,000 per year only if I charged half of the per inmate cost of the public school system.


      Its inflation of education. The rare (revered) high school diploma of 1905, is a piece of toilet paper today. 


      More money isn't the answer.


      Public schools are a massive waste of money. With technology they are no longer necessary. Shut down all public schools. You can't save the world but you may be able to save yourself and your family. Start by opting out of public schools of indoctrination.


      2 things.changes should have been made almost 40 years ago now when elementary school kids entered middle school not knowing basic math, reading or writing. without those basic skills the rest of education is pointless.teachers have a lot of power to change things and they didn't. they strike for more pay and benefits not changes in education then they have the nerve to blame their customers for their failure. can you imagine a doctor, lawyer or a plumber blaming the customer.the other issue is the usa already spends more per student with the most expensive colleges than any other country in the world with the worst results. the money is obviously being spent in the wrong places. is that much admin really needed? no!


      got a time machine?


      Schools' admin is reputed to chew up the lion's share of the overspent schools' budgets.


      It scares me how the leftist havens have frightened the children over climate change without letting them have a God to cling to. Do you realize this means they have no hope?


      Ivy league schools are light years wide of their goals to produce genuinely enlightened students - but have become very profitable credential mills.


      We've spent the last 40 years dumbing down education and making schools centers for progressive indoctrination. 


      "...Underfunding of education..."Right off the bat a blathering leftist lie. In this state (WA) the average school gets a minimum of $15,000 per year per student. The average class size is about 18 students. That is $270,000 per year to run one class. And that's not enough? Every single year, for my entire life, the union school teachers go on strike, screaming and bawling that there are too many students in each class!I taught graduate level classes at a major university in engineering that were several times that size. But public school teachers are constantly bawling that they are not paid enough, the classes are too large, and they are just the most abused people on planet earth.


      No need for thinking! Public schools repeatedly train students to bubble the "One Right Answer" on a scan-tron testing form.


      If they could bubble that right answer most of the time and get 600/800 on the SATs, I'd be happy enough with their education. But in fact they do not learn which answer is right to bubble.


      Always love to hear articles about the travails of being a Teacher.The Hours, the Heartbreak, Have to buy my own supplies, the low pay, etc.Where I live, Teacher's starting salary opens at 40-45K...


      Teaching is a profession that requires education, skill and experience. Teachers work long hours, deal with problem parents, problem students and an administration that demands success on standardized tests. If we want educated kids, we will have to pay teachers a living wage.


      Used to be, a lot of smart women taught in public schools. Now they're lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants. Not saying that's bad, but it take the schools out of the sweetspot they used to be in.


      American education doesn't have a funding problem, it has an administrative problem. Schools are poorly run not poorly funded. 


      And students are poorly taught...


      The USA spends more per student than every other country in the world except Switzerland. For the last 30 years, we have pumped in billions only to see no improvement in math, science and reading scores. I'm not sure what Belle Chesler has in mind when she claims that there is an underfunding problem.


      The spending for education per student for most states is at least 9,000 per year with some reaching into the high teens. Connecticut, DC, Mass are 16,000 plus per student.And this include illegals.


      those who cant teach, become politicians


      We homeschool for zero cost to taxpayers. We also pay every year to fund the government indoctrination centers called "public schools."


      Education died in the US when it was made compulsory.


      As the WSJ discovered in the '90s, it pretty much died when the teachers unionized -- that's when costs went up -- including the lifetime costs of union government pensions and health care -- and grade performance went down.


      I disagree.It died when the government took it over and forced children to attend their indoctrination facilities to learn obedience in the late 19th century.


      When this person says education is underfunded in the US, is this person taking the outrageous teacher pensions into account???


      Private schools have to conform to the same standardized tests as public schools.Meaning they have to teach the same propaganda.


      Since the Reagan years, the public schools have been under attack from the right and increasingly under funded. The public school buildings are crumbling, the teachers are seriously underpaid, and the curriculum is limited. A dumbed down population is a population that cannot think critically, ask relevant questions, or organize a rebellion. The US is rapidly approaching the status of a 3rd world country , with a population that is unprepared to meet the challenges we are facing. However, the 1% has an education that is equal to the best educated people in the world. The rest of us have been left behind. We are being groomed for service jobs that do not require critical thinking skills. Gone are the days when Americans read the classics, studied geometry because it helped a student learn how to think, and were encouraged to become a scientist, so that the US could beat the Russians to the moon or find a cure for cancer. Capitalism does not require a "well rounded person", only a worker who will work for low pay.


      I agree we should not be supporting those here illegally. I also believe teachers unions are extortionist.


      My son, a just turned 21 year old student at a Tech College here in Texas, was hired for a summer internship by one of the super major (Top 5) oil companies as a Instrumentation and Electronics (I&E) Tech. Will be in Los Angeles, 7 weeks, $30 an hour, $2k per month housing stipend, $3k for travel to and from college address. He still has 3+ semesters to go. Is guaranteed employment upon graduation if he impresses his mentor/supervisor at $55 per hour. He went a year and one summer session at "normal" college, then told the wife and I that he hated it. 


      Education spending isn't education. People in every other country in the world spend less money per pupil on education and are able to educate the students.


      Education System was hijacked, just like Media, Justice, Army, Food Distribution, Markets, Monetary System, Banking and a few other thing I forgot to mention.


      Class size in my elementary school was up to 30. Now it's low 20's. The mentoring was that we were expected to get our work done. I am a bit suspicious of teachers who claim to teach "critical thinking". Costs are spiraling out of control, while at the same time student debt is spiraling out of control, and nobody even talks about the parent debt at much higher interest rates. Teaching critical thinking might be nice when there's all the time and money in the world. Now, it's success to get them a damn job that's suitable for them, whether it's trades or academic, and they can spend their lives thinking critically.


      Get your kid a good and fairly cheap telescope and teach the urchin the heavens. Then if you can afford it get the creeps a fairly cheap video microscope. The optical ones are better, but cost is a consideration.


      And the internet and instant access with palm puzzies (the so called cell phone that isnt a phone at all) isnt helping the education system either. They dont have to think or learn by mistakes anymore. All they do is googoo everything or watch how its done on youtube or text their friends for the answer. Anything banks, corporations, tv or the goobermint tells you is good for you, is most likely bad for you.


      Because a truly educated populace, that can critically think and deduce information for themselves would be capable of uncovering the lies and deceit purported by the media, government, and central bankers.


      The USA education system needs to be ripped from the control of corrupt teachers unions and criminal elected representatives.



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["time"]=> int(1560828400) } [5]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354955) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(51) "彼得?布羅德:歐洲低估了中國的力量" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354955.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0619/1560917414685.jpg" ["description"]=> string(176) "德國著名中國問題專家、暢銷書作家弗蘭克·澤林談中美貿易爭端、中國將崛起為未來世界第一強國,以及為什么歐洲不應低估中國。" ["time"]=> int(1560917460) } [6]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354954) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "羅奇:美國政府對關稅作用存在根本誤解" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354954.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0619/1560917233428.jpg" ["description"]=> string(242) "針對美方以加征關稅等手段相威脅,頻頻挑起與主要貿易伙伴之間的經貿摩擦,美國耶魯大學高級研究員、摩根士丹利亞洲區前主席史蒂芬·羅奇接受本報記者專訪時作出了深入分析。" ["time"]=> int(1560917251) } [7]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354932) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(59) "麥克法蘭:鼓吹"中美文明沖突"既愚蠢又危險" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354932.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0618/1560856169888.jpg" ["description"]=> string(334) "文明,這是最近頗受關注的一個詞和話題。前不久,美國國務院政策規劃主任斯金納將美中關系視作“文明較量”,該言論一出便受到各界批評。與此形成鮮明對比的是,5月中下旬,亞洲文明對話大會在北京舉行,凸顯中國對推動文明交流互鑒的重視。" ["time"]=> int(1560855240) } [8]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354898) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "英專家:特朗普"美國第一"最終會讓"美國墊底"" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354898.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0617/1560772297256.jpg" ["description"]=> string(318) "美國最近將中國華為公司列入黑名單的行政令體現了典型的特朗普風格:強硬、盛氣凌人而且充滿了民族主義情緒。然而經過仔細思考你也許會得出一個顯而易見的結論——特朗普政府奉行的“美國第一”政策最終可能會造成“美國墊底”。" ["time"]=> int(1560772311) } [9]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354742) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "儲賀軍:美國內反華同盟的堅冰開始出現裂痕" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354742.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0613/1560395994498.jpg" ["description"]=> string(315) "雖然國內公知們還在堅稱美國體制的優越性,但是身為總統的特朗普已經開始在拼上老命,努力掙脫美國體制對于他的束縛了。他不斷地宣布子虛烏有的“緊急狀態”,無非就是要突破美國體制對于總統的限制,以期實現美國的再次偉大。" ["time"]=> int(1560396032) } [10]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354897) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "鐘南山:公立醫院姓"公"是醫療改革的關鍵 " ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354897.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0617/1560771114131.jpg" ["description"]=> string(228) "醫院與學校一樣,都是絕大多數普通百姓所必需的最為重要的公益事業。既然是公益事業,就應該主要由國家和政府來辦,決不能把其主體交由社會特別是國內外資本來辦。" ["time"]=> int(1560771117) } [11]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354895) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "占豪:華為手里兩張王牌 才是美國真正忌憚的" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354895.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0617/1560770382856.jpg" ["description"]=> string(162) "華為向美國企業收專利費和量子計算機獲得突破,對美國博弈來說也是兩張王牌。我們且看華為怎么來對美形成博弈優勢!" ["time"]=> int(1560770528) } [12]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354893) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(64) "蘭斌強:郭臺銘挺臺獨”反大陸",讓人無可忍受" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354893.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0617/1560769709471.jpg" ["description"]=> string(253) "一個口口聲聲“捍衛中華民國主權”的人,一個爭取國民黨提名2020大選的參選人,郭臺銘卻表態愿意配合“臺獨”勢力舉辦的活動,不僅讓臺灣藍營大跌眼鏡,也引發了臺灣社會的廣泛爭議。" ["time"]=> int(1560769713) } [13]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354610) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(39) "張文木:戰略是刀尖上的哲學" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354610.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0610/1560133322118.jpg" ["description"]=> string(0) "" ["time"]=> int(1560133332) } [14]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354894) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "黃樹東:應對貿易戰,打得一拳開免得百拳來" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354894.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0617/1560769939424.jpg" ["description"]=> string(252) "美國挑起貿易爭端,真實目的是什么?中國需要如何對應?《制度與繁榮》作者黃樹東指出:美國提出的“貿易逆差”問題是一個虛假議題,我們需讀準其背后真實意圖,并制定全方位對策。" ["time"]=> int(1560769959) } [15]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354815) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "鄭渝川:美國獨立戰爭不是一國革命產物" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(42) "http://history.m4.cn/2019-06/1354815.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0615/1560597687786.jpg" ["description"]=> string(438) "《萬國一邦:美國在世界歷史上的地位》這本書就挑戰了兩個世紀以來,美國史學界的固有做法,將美國史納入全球背景,清晰而深刻的指出,許多曾經被描繪為美國政治精英、軍事精英、商業精英獨創的制度化創新,以及其他一些對于美國歷史進程形成了長期影響的重要選擇,其實都是全球框架下各種政治主體相互作用的結果。" ["time"]=> int(1560597740) } [16]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354892) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "戴旭:美國開始第六次戰略轉移 中國千萬小心" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354892.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0617/1560769087267.jpg" ["description"]=> string(276) "美國百年來六次捕獵式全球戰略轉移,每一次戰略轉移必以肢解對手為目的,而且都成功了。美國建國之初,由于意識到自己是一個偏居一隅的弱小國家,華盛頓在告別演說中留下了著名的“孤立主義”戰略。" ["time"]=> int(1560769114) } [17]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354888) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "李克勤:毛主席告誡,不要宋襄公的仁義道德" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354888.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0617/1560766436621.jpg" ["description"]=> string(267) "仁義道德,在中國的含義,真的不能隨便解讀。因為存在大量偽善的仁義道德,假仁義道德,魯迅稱之為“吃人”。還有一種毛主席在《論持久戰》里告誡的,我們不要的宋襄公“蠢豬式的仁義道德”。" ["time"]=> int(1560766440) } [18]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354802) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "胡錫進尖銳解讀:中國是個高調的國家嗎?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354802.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0615/1560571138609.jpg" ["description"]=> string(255) "中國被美國戰略上盯上了,各種打壓接踵而至。中國人的反思意識強,遇事先琢磨是否自己不對,于是就有些人想:如果我們更低調些,再多藏著掖著一些,是否就能夠避免招來美國的遏制呢?" ["time"]=> int(1560571147) } [19]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354851) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(51) "周小川:應對貿易摩擦的兩個治本辦法" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354851.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0616/1560685915499.jpg" ["description"]=> string(326) "6月14日,在第十一屆陸家嘴論壇上,中國金融學會會長、中國人民銀行前行長周小川和2018年諾貝爾經濟學獎共同獲得者、紐約大學經濟學教授Paul ROMER接受主持人提問,回答了中美貿易摩擦、人民幣國際化、上海國際金融中心建設等諸多重要問題。" ["time"]=> int(1560685936) } [20]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354826) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "陸克文:特朗普為中國送上一手貿易戰好牌" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354826.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0616/1560644092854.jpg" ["description"]=> string(219) "澳大利亞前總理陸克文在美國《紐約時報》發表題為“特朗普為中國送上一手貿易戰好牌”的署名文章。文章認為,特朗普給了中國一張非常有效的“民族主義牌”。" ["time"]=> int(1560644131) } [21]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354816) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "王思林:80年前,面對包圍封鎖 我們這樣應對" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354816.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0615/1560598137127.jpg" ["description"]=> string(234) "自力更生的“力”在哪里呢?答案是肯定的,這個“力”蘊藏在億萬民眾之中。經過廣泛動員,廣大黨政機關、軍民、領導干部都投入到自力更生、艱苦奮斗的生產大運動中去。" ["time"]=> int(1560598150) } [22]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354788) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(63) "人民快評:誰給瑞銀首席經濟學家的勇氣辱華?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "http://www.m4.cn/opinion/2019-06/1354788.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0615/1560561660205.jpg" ["description"]=> string(324) "瑞銀首席經濟學家保羅·多諾萬(Paul Donovan)發布在瑞銀官網上的一份名為《通貨膨脹非常正常》報告中出現了辱華言論,引起中國金融圈及網友的強烈不滿。盡管該報告已撤下,瑞銀和保羅·多諾萬也都表示了歉意,但所引發的軒然大波并未平息。" ["time"]=> int(1560561663) } [23]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1354790) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "苑基榮:走進“共產黨人治理”的印度大邦" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(39) "http://news.m4.cn/2019-06/1354790.shtml" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2019/0615/1560562058123.jpg" ["description"]=> string(277) "喀拉拉邦位于印度西南部,西瀕阿拉伯海,面積3.8萬平方公里,是印度第十二大邦。喀拉拉邦人口約3300萬,其中58%為印度教徒,21%為穆斯林,21%為基督教徒。該邦官方語言為馬拉雅拉姆語,首府為特里凡得瑯。" ["time"]=> int(1560562206) } }


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